Arcadian Atlas: 100% Achievement Guide

Estimated 100% time: 11h
1 achievement is currently unobtainable pending a future hotfix (already reported).
I moved story-related achievements to the lower portion of the guide to minimize spoilers.



40 achievements in total:

  • 10 combat-related achievements
  • 3 for class specializations (core+advanced)
    • learn all skills of a skill tree – 1/3
  • 3 for buying and selling equipment to spend and earn Arcadian
  • 11 relating to Overworld management
    • Contract – 2/11
    • Rec Lefty – 1/11 (contract-related)
    • Recruitment – 2/11
    • Promote units – 2/11
    • Dismiss a soldier – 1/11
    • CMD usage – 2/11
    • Read all Chatter – 1/11
  • 12 story-related achievements
    • 5/12 dependent on choice
  • 1 completion achievement


Status Effects

Blinded by Science
Blind a unit

No Think, Only Smash
Inflict Rage on a unit

Use the Ronin’s Possessing Spirit for a guaranteed Charm on an enemy unit.

Soldier of Love
Charm a unit

Use the Inquisitor’s Baiting Strike for a 75% chance (at MAX) to Charm an enemy unit.


One Way Ticket to Lethe
Elemental Stacking – Triggered elemental bonus damage against a target

A couple of easy bonuses: Noxious + Fire -or- Wet + Lightning

Win 10 battles without a single unit knocked unconscious

Watch Your Step
Trigger a Trap 20 times

You can step on your own flame tiles from Fire Wall for this achievement.

Two for One Deal
Kill 2 units with a single attack

Kill # X Units

Obtained naturally especially if you do all possible contracts alongside the story.

For A Better World
Killed 20 Monster units

For Queen and Country
Killed 30 Lucretian units

For Sword and Crown
Killed 30 Dantalion units

Class Skills / Class Specialization

Jack of all Trades
Learn all skills on a single skill tree in one playthrough

This is best done near the end of the game. I got it by spending at least one point on each of the Cavalier’s possible skills. I tried the same thing with an Apothecary but it didn’t pop.

Core and Advanced Specializations

A Well Rounded Military
Get all Core Class specializations across troops

Military Mastery
Get all Advanced Class specializations across troops

With regards to these 2 achievements:

  • Core = Basic Classes (Cavalier, Apothecary, Etc)
  • Advanced = their Promotions

There are 9 Core Specializations:

  • Cavalier = One-Handed / Two-Handed
  • Apothecary = Field Medic / Corrosive Concoctions
  • Warmancer = Path of Flame / Ice / Lightning
  • Ranger = Bow Mastery / Crossbow Mastery

There are 16 Advanced Specializations (4 Core Classes * 2 Promotions * 2 Specializations):

  • Cavalier
    • Inquisitor = Holy Reckoning / Aura of Light
    • Ronin = Wandering Soul / Trance Arts
  • Apothecary
    • Monk = Furious Blows / Arcane Energies
    • Shaman = Cosmic Overseer / Darker Paths
  • Warmancer
    • Druid = Nature’s Harmony / Manipulate Earth
    • Sorcerer = Wild Magic / Touch of Death
  • Ranger
    • Hunter = Death from Above / Guerilla Tactics
    • Reaver = Dagger Arts / Hired Assassin

To get these achievements, you need at least 1 of each Specialization concurrently. You’ll know that a unit is specialized if they have the Specialization text under their respective Class/Job

You can complete both achievements as soon as level 19 since you only need to spend as little as 1 skill point in the Advanced Classes to pick a specialization. This means you’ll need at least 16 differently specialized recruits (Uniques included) to earn Military Mastery.



Mercenary for Hire
Completed 5 tavern contracts in a single playthrough

Tavern → Chatter

Sword of the People
Completed 10 tavern contracts in a single playthrough

Of Red Pandas and Trash Pandas
Recruit Lefty

In Chapter 3, there will be a contract related to Lefty. Upon completing this Contract’s battle, Lefty automatically joins after a heartwarming cutscene. There’s also a Contract related to Poncho in Chapter 1. I’m not sure if this is required, but to be on the safe side I recommend just completing all available contracts per chapter.


A Few Good Men
Recruited 5 units in a single playthrough

We’re Going to Need a Bigger Army
Recruited 15 units in a single playthrough

Unit Management

Medal of Honor
Promote your first unit

Gotta Catch Them All
Promote units to all advanced job classes

Out With the Old
Dismissed a soldier


Book Worm
Read all chatter in a single playthrough

Tavern → Chatter


Created In Our Image
Respec any unique with CMD Points

Recruiter → CMD

To The Victor Go the Spoils
Spent a total of 6 CMD Points

Despite the description, I got this after spending points 6 times as opposed to 6 points.


Before you continue, please note that choice-related achievements can be obtained in 1-run by simply saving and reloading prior to the choice and selecting the alternative. Save before each event/battle/cutscene.

The following achievements are story-related, grouped by chapter, in chronological order:

Chapter 0

A Kingdom Burning
Chapter 0 Complete

Chapter 1

Dances with Raccoons
Recruit Poncho

Tirgan’s Favorite
Chapter 1 Mission 45 – Vashti Discovery Choose Lucretia

Friendship is Magic
Chapter 1 Mission 45 – Vashti Discovery Choose Eda

Save Those You Can Save
Claude Lives

The Desperate and Downtrodden
Chapter 1 Complete

Chapter 2

Children of the Moon
Chapter 2 Mission 88 – The Fool

Principalities and Powers
Chapter 2 Complete

Chapter 3

Riddel’s Redemption
Chapter 3 Mission 206 – Lundum Hills Recruit Riddel

Breaking the Cycle of Violence
Chapter 3 Mission 206 – Lundum Hills Don’t Recruit Riddel

Execution of Justice
Chapter 3 Mission 212 – Wulffs Execution

And Death Itself Shall Die
Chapter 3 Complete


Crowning a New Ruler
Collected all Achievements

Thanks to Jedo for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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