Arcade Paradise: Tips for New Players

A quick few tips to start your new game of Arcade paradise. (WIP will add more in the future)


Tip 1: Walk strafe

You can surprisingly move around with the “wasd” keys, however, there is no sprint key, or is there?

If you move around holding down “wa” or “wd” you move faster forwards. Walking at an angle increase your movement speed. This also works with “sa” or “sd” when walking backwards.

Coding wise, it probably because walking in any direction has a set speed. When pressing two keys, it double the set speed, causing you to move faster.

Unfortunately, no. Pressing more than two keys will not make you go mach 5.

Speed Runners will absolutely use this tech.

Tip 2: Trash Spam

When you pick up trash, you don’t have to wait for the item animation to finish to pick up the next one. Just keep looking until you’re prompted to pick up the trash and spam that pick up button while you move.

Taking trash out the moment you start your shift is always best, since trash does not spawn while you are working.

Just make sure you throw out your full bag before gathering more.

Tip 3: Editing the Settings to your arcade cabinets

Have you tried the video hockey game and had the most frustrating time getting a goal? On your PDA or menu, you can check on your arcade cabinets and adjust the difficulty and pricing.

This will help out in popularizing cabinets or making more money with the popular ones.

There are some cool tips on the PDA that will help further explain the stats to each cabinet.

The PDA will sometimes shows a “X” on one of the buttons called “leader board” on it. That just means it doesn’t have a leader board.

Tip 4: Timers for washer and dryers

Washer and dryers generate some good cash in the beginning, but there’s a lot of time to wait. If you look closely on the washer and behind the laundry basket on top of a washer, you can see the timer for when its finished.

Washer takes 3 minutes to wash, and the dryers also takes 3 minutes to dry. In between this time, you can play some arcade games, take out trash, clean the toilet if you need too, or even walk away yourself to do something quick irl.

If you don’t have a lot of time left to play an arcade game, on your PDA there’s a app called Llama that is a recreation of the Google Dino jump game when Google chrome cannot connect to the internet.

Tip 5: The Safe in the Office

Oh boy. A safe with a three number turning combo lock. Intimidating right?

WRONG. The game asks you to move the lock to find the right positions three times to unlock the safe, storing your money. However, there is a better way to do this.

JUST HOLD “S” or “D” and SPAM THE “E” KEY.

You don’t need to be precise about your positioning. Just hold down left or right and spam the interact key as fast as you can. You will trip all the locks with minimal effort and faster time.

Tip 6: NPC Time Distortion Displacement

When ever the laundry mat is open, you can see customers come in.

These people are not apart of your plane of existence. They are merely echos of people apart of different timelines conglomerating within your laundry mat.

When ever you try to approach one of these entities, the time that you are currently in distorts the time echo of the person who is within their own time field.

Like two positive or two negative magnets, when you take those to magnetic fields, they do not attract and push each other away. This is the same concept, instead of pushing a physical being, you push the time distortion away from the laundry mat.

We believe this is a natural balance within the time space to avoid spacial tears or time paradoxes.

End (for now)

Here we are, at the end of the guide. Thank you so much for reading these tips to get you jump started to play Arcade Paradise.

Now get out there and earn some cash! You got an arcade to build!

(Will add more tips in the future, feel free to comment your own tips and ill be sure to credit you)

Thanks to Snarf Snarf Pandaman for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide fromĀ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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