Aragami 2: Tips And Tricks for Newbies

Written for people who never played the first game and those who aren’t stealth lovers. Included some tips and tricks that will help you get through the game easily. You can teach your friends these tips if you want to invite them for a fantastic co-op session.   00 – Before You Start Playing [PUBLISHED … Read more

Aragami 2: All Collectibles Guide

Here is a video guide on how to find all locations for every Collectible in the game!   Aragami 2 All Collectibles Guide  Half-Primer/Half-Written Guide If you just want to know where something is or which mission it can also be found in, here’s a list I’ve compiled. 0:00 Kakurega Village (3) – Essence Rune: … Read more

Aragami 2: Secrets Locations, Blueprints, and Other Stuff

Small guide for secrets location and other stuff Note: if there is nothing about a mission (for exemple mission 2), it means there is nothing to collect in the mission   Village Inside the village, there is 3 collectibles 1/3 At the top of the tower (blocked for me, it will be unlocked with the story) … Read more