Aragami 2: Secrets Locations, Blueprints, and Other Stuff

Small guide for secrets location and other stuff

Note: if there is nothing about a mission (for exemple mission 2), it means there is nothing to collect in the mission


Inside the village, there is 3 collectibles

At the top of the tower (blocked for me, it will be unlocked with the story)

First rune
Near the lake at the spawn

Second Rune
At the house when you first get it, you won’t miss it.

Mission 1
First location
Jump on the rock that is just i nfront, you’ll see the secret

Second Location
Just behind the small shrine

Third Location
Just under the elevator platform, on a ledge

Mission 3
Only location
Near the target

Mission 4
Near the destroyed house
Oroshi sword

First collectible
Under the big house at the end of the map

|Second collectible
Inside the tower at the beginning

Mission 5
First collectible
In an house at the edge of the river

Second collectible
On a cliff near the small island with the sakura tree

Third collectible
At the top of the small tower at the big house

Mission 6
Only collectible
Right after the garden of the left house

Mission 7
At the house on top of the cliff, on a ledge

In the hole at the bottom of the mine

Mission 8
If you got the collectible from mission 3, there is only 2 collectibles to find.
If you don’t have it, check mission 3 before.

At a ruined tower near the entrance of the garden looking thing at the left of the castle

Under the bridge between the castle and the garden

Mission 9
First collectible
The house at the spawn near the cliff

Armor color
In an house near the cliff.

Thanks to Lunhaadviin for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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