Aquillanto: Pen Creation Guide

An early Guide to Shopping for Parts and Creating Pens.



The following is offered as Primer and Reference for Pen Creation for new players of Aquillanto such as myself.

Given the various challenges ahead, it is apparent that creating a variety of pens to carry with us will prove vital to successful adventure!

Shopping for Parts

You’ll soon collect enough Gold Coins and Crowns to consider Crafting your very first custom pen which requires 6 different parts to assemble: Grips, Tanks, Nibs as well as Base-, Mid- & Tip-Bands all of which contribute various characteristics (see Creating a Pen below for full run-down of each part).

Enter the Shop to review the parts on offer:

Note that only 3 parts are available for purchase at a time while you can Change the Offering by spending Crowns; the more Crowns spent increases the Rarity of the next 3 parts made available from Random to Super Rare.

You can buy more than one of the same part if you so choose.

Creating a Pen

Begin Crafting your pen by selecting the various parts from those available in your Inventory using respective [Left/Right] controls while noting the characteristics that each contributes to your new weapon:
Note that we can hold 15 of each type of Part in our Inventory which can be reviewed individually by selecting respective [View All] buttons:

Pen Library

We can keep up to 8 different pens in our Library which can be Modified further or Cleared (destroyed) to free up space, as becomes necessary:

Remember, we can carry up to 3 different pens along with us during a given Mission so, as we build our collection, developing pens with various traits for use in Missions with different challenges will become key!

Note: pen 1 is selected as the 1st pen of 3 we will carry on our side in the image above.

Test Range

The Test Range allows for quick configuration of pens tho individual characteristics are not displayed beyond the visible:
Changes made here do modify respective pens in our library so be sure to note any new characteristics before embarking!

Thanks to Virtual Nomad for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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