APICO: Bees Flower Guide (Crossbreeding & Effects)

A simple Guide on Flower Crossbreeding and Flower effects in Bees   Honeyrose Honeyrose is the first of the basic three flowers found in the forest It has no special effect when planted near bees When burnt in a smoker it calms Murky Bees Swarmwart Swampwart is the second of the three flowers found in … Read more

APICO: Bee Breeding Guide

A very quick guide on the bee breeding combinations   Bee Breeding Guide Common (Tier 1) Common + Forest = Verdant Common + Verge = Vibrant Common + Uncommon = Dream* *player must be sleeping for Dream bees to spawn Forest (Tier 1) Forest + Common = Verdant Forest + Verge = Misty (must be … Read more

APICO: How to Remove the Pronoun

How to remove the pronouns from the vanilla npc speech boxes, Windows release version. How to remove pronouns from vanilla NPC dialogue Go to the install directory and open the json folder (SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\APICO\json by default). Open up keywords.json and go down to line 148-153. This section should have “pronouns1”: “$pronouns1”, “pronouns2”: “$pronouns2”, “pronouns3”: “$pronouns3”, “pronouns4”: … Read more