APICO: Bee Breeding Guide

A very quick guide on the bee breeding combinations


Bee Breeding Guide

Common (Tier 1)
Common + Forest = Verdant

Common + Verge = Vibrant

Common + Uncommon = Dream*

*player must be sleeping for Dream bees to spawn

Forest (Tier 1)
Forest + Common = Verdant

Forest + Verge = Misty (must be raining to spawn)

Forest + Uncommon = Drowsy

Verge (Tier 1)
Verge + Common = Vibrant

Verge + Forest = Misty (must be raining to spawn)

Uncommon (Tier 1)
Uncommon + Common = Dream*

*player must be sleeping for Dream bees to spawn

Uncommon + Forest = Drowsy

Verdant (Tier 2)
Verdant + Vibrant = Regal

Verdant + Drowsy = Domesticated (apiary must be in a house for Domesticated to spawn)

Vibrant (Tier 2)
Vibrant + Verdant = Regal

Vibrant + Misty = Worker

Vibrant + Muggy = Worker

Thanks to Ninetales for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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