Amok Runner: All Puzzles Guide (Clues & Answers)

Here you will find text solutions for all puzzles in Amok Runner. Here is info where to look for clues to each puzzle and the final answers if possible. Spoiler Alert!!!


1. Containers at the docks

You need to create a passage through the center of containers. It’s not that hard, just keep in mind that the first vertical container, while not blocking the path at first glance, should go down anyway.

Text walkthrough

2 left x1
5 up x2
4 right x2
3 right x2
1 down x2 left x1 down x1
3 left x1 up x1
4 left x3 down x1

2. Toolbox code

To proceed further, you will need to open the toolbox in the shed near the Nicholsons’ house.

There are 4 digits in the code.
A sweet note is to be found nearby.

Also a poster on the wall.

You can see that on the poster there are letters among the numbers and they form some interesting shapes:

Convert 4 letters into numbers using a note.
Final code: 8561

3. Family Tree

In order to get through the locked door in the Nicholsons’ house, you must arrange the family portraits correctly.

You can see hint on the wallpaper in the next room.

Other than that, there is not much info around, so I think the developers meant that you would guess a little. Of course you’ll put the oldest members of family as mom and dad, the youngest as son and daughter and you already familiar with Linda, the wife.

Correct family tree under the spoiler:

4. Parade of planets

In the house to the left of the mansion you will find rings with planets that need to be lined up.

On the wall in the next room you see poster with a clue.

Here is text walkthrough for this puzzle. If you mess up you can always reset the puzzle by pressing the sun in the middle.
Jupiter (white, the biggest one) – x2
Neptune (blue planet near the edge) – x1
Mars (red) – x1
Mercury (the smallest one near the sun) – x1
Earth – x1
Neptune – x1

5. Morse code (random solution)

In the mansion you will find a safe that opens with a combination of three numbers.

These numbers can be obtained by listening to an old radio.

In the son’s room there is a note with Morse code.

Apparently this puzzle has a random solution, so not much help here.
Listen to the radio, there will be three sequences of short and long sounds. Short for dot (dit), long for dash (dah). You can write it down sound by sound on a piece of paper while you listen. Then convert three sequences of dots and dashes into three digits using the note.

Enter each digit into the safelock and remember to change rotation direction each time after correct input.

6. Electrical panel

On the way to the hospital you will see an electrical panel where you need to light all the lights in order to open the gate.
Here is the example of correct input:

β„–3 x5
β„–1 x5
β„–2 x5

7. Pharmacy cabinet with morphine

To open the lock and get morphine in the hospital, we need three numbers.

If you look around you will notice these numbers literally drawn in the environment (what a strange way to store the code from a pharmacy cabinet with a potent drug). There is one, two or three stripes under each one graffiti which means the place in the code for this digit.

First digit is on the wall in the room on the way to Linda.

Second digit is in the room with Linda, you will clearly see it if you turn to the boy.

Third digit is located in the bathroom to the left. A bit higher at this time. πŸ™‚

Final code: 365

Thanks to ComicGirl for his excellent guide, all credits belong to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it viaΒ Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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