Amnesia The Dark Descent: How to Fix the ‘Master Archivist’ Achievement NOT Working Bug

Already tried unlocking the ‘Master Archivist’ achievement and failing? Look no further!   Introduction So after many attempts at trying to get this achievement and failing, I tinkered with the save file and was able to get this achievement to finally unlock. Notes This guide will assume that you have already played through¬†Amnesia: Justine¬†and collected … Read more

Amnesia The Dark Descent: All Notes/Tinderboxes Guide

Simple text guide compiling all the tinderboxes and notes in the game as described by the wiki. Quick reference for a Master Archivist/Illuminatus runs.   Summary The two achievements in this guide are: Master Archivist Read all notes in all games. You must pick up all notes in both the base game *and* the Justine … Read more