Aliens Fireteam Elite: Secret Perks and Weapons

Overview of secret perks and weapons   Farming Strategy These are RNG drops. An easy way to farm the secret perks and weapons simultaneously is by running Mission 1-1 on Intense difficulty. Perks Chance of random perk from hidden cache Thermal Venting Rampage Creative Pain Point Solutions Neurotoxin Specialist Red is Dead Aftershock Weapons Chance … Read more

Aliens Fireteam Elite: Technician Guide (Cranked to 11)

A quick and dirty guide to the Technician class.   Overview: What is a Technician? Specializing in zone control and defense, the Technician’s role is to help manage incoming waves of enemies via their turret and charged coils. The Technician is also capable of buffing up their allies and debuffing enemies via perk selection, and … Read more

Aliens Fireteam Elite: Full Campaign Walkthrough (All Missions)

This unofficial guide is devoted to the Aliens: Fireteam Elite walkthrough. On average, the single player campaign’s length is around 4~5 hours based on your skill level. The key to victory is cooperation with other players and providing support to each other – a lonely fight will quickly make you overwhelmed by the number of … Read more