Albion Online: How to get Free Cosmetic Items

On the Twitch streaming platform, viewing game content will drop cosmetic chests



First of all, go to your twitch account in the browser and connect to steam
I recommend using Google Chrome

Click on your avatar in the upper right corner and select Drops from the list

After that, go to the tab All Campaigns, so you will find out what rewards you can get, the start and end dates of the promotion and the channels that participate in it, usually these are all channels that stream the game

Go to any stream you like and you can watch it or put it in the background

If you don’t want to watch the stream, but want drops, you can set the strami resolution to a minimum and in Google Chrome there is a function to turn off the sound in the tab
Right click on the browser tab and click Mute Site

Do not turn off the sound on the stream itself, otherwise the view will not be counted!

Now the main thing is not to forget to go to the drops tab and collect your rewards, if you do not collect your reward, progress for the next one will not count

In Game

After you have collected rewards on the site, you will receive a notification inside the game that you have unclaimed rewards

All that’s left is to pick them up from the Mail and see what you got

Thanks to Fasbert for his excellent guide, all credit to his effort. if this guide helps you, please support and rate it via Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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