AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative: 100% Achievement Guide

Full-game spoiler warning!! Just a simple guide to help getting all of the achievements. I would recommend only using this guide after beating the game; some icons and descriptions are a bit revealing.   Progression Achievements One more time before we start, FULL-GAME SPOILER WARNING! For these first achievements, you will get these just by … Read more

AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative: Quiz King Achievement Guide

Just a guide to help with the quiz in Amame’s somnium and to get the secret achievement.   Scavenger Quiz Answers (Stage 1) Question 1: *music* The BGM is Symphony no.9 Answer: Vokeman (Label No.9) Question 2: *music* The BGM is Symphony no.5 ( are you seeing a pattern..?) Answer: Elephant Trinket (Label No.5) Question … Read more