AI THE SOMNIUM FILES nirvanA Initiative: Quiz Spoiler Answers & Nonuple-X Code

The two answers for the quiz at the start of the game to unlock spoilers for the first game in the series. Spoiler Alert!!!


Quiz Spoiler Answers

If you haven’t played the original do not use these answers. It will spoil the original game.

Q: Who was shot in the leg at the end of the first game?
A: Mizuki

Q: What is the name of the murderer responsible for the New Cyclops Serial Killings?
A: Saito

Credit to Meryl Gear Solid
Note: if there is a bug when you move the cursor to write it closes the pop up and you fail to answer the question. you can go to language settings on Windows and change country and region to Japan.

Nonuple-X code [Ryuki day 2]

it’s 4901095, For anyone wondering why the code is 4901095, it’s because the X’s between each number should be read as multiply symbols. You want to multiply the numbers in each column with each other. Didn’t realise this until working backwards from the answer.
Credit to KΛRMΛ and Keegan


Six years ago, the right half of a corpse was discovered. The left half was never found…until six years later, completely fresh with no signs of decay. Now, Special Agents Mizuki and Ryuki, along with their AI partners Aiba and Tama, are tasked to solve the bizarre Half Body serial killings while unveiling the mysterious plot known only as the Nirvana Initiative…

AI: THE SOMNIUM FILES – nirvanA Initiative is now available on Steam.

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