AdVenture Capitalist: How to Hack Using CheatEngine

This is a Simple and Easy-to-Follow Guide on How to Use CheatEngine to Hack AdCap


Install CheatEngine

Obviously, Install Cheat Engine Here []

Add AdCap To Cheat Engine

First, Run Cheat Engine as Administrator, Windows Defender might say its a virus, it’s not.

Click This Button, Then Select AdCap From The List:

Inspect Mono

Once you have AdCap selected, Click ‘Mono’ on the taskbar, then ‘Dissect Mono’

After that, you have to navigate to the ‘GrantRewardService’ So open up the tree, then navigate to ‘Assembly-CSharp’ then scroll till you find ‘GrantRewardService’

Expand it, then expand ‘methods’

Using Reward Methods

I recommend using these methods, as others can cause problems:

Choose which one you want, then right click, and select ‘Execute/Invoke method’

A box will open up, select the correct Instance address, there might be multiple, so try each of them until you find the right one.

Depending on which method you chose, you will have to input the value you want to gain

Click ‘Ok’ then check your game to see if it worked, if it didn’t, try again with the other Instance addressess

That’s All

You can mess around with other things if you want, but they might mess up your game so do it at your own risk.

Thanks to rohansom for his great guide, all credit to his effort. you can also read the original guide from Steam Community. enjoy the game.

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