Adorable Crush: All Achievements Guide

Adorable Crush’s achievements as well as some tips on unlocking them


Unlocked by simply playing the game

Successfully finish 10 dates

Confident Man
Successfully finish 25 date

High time
Finish a final night date

Sanctumn-X Explorer
Visit every location

While not unlocked “automatically” while playing, it should be pretty hard not to unlock this one.

Flirtation expert
Reach 5 hearts with every girl

If you intend to unlock Busy Man during your first playthrough, keep in mind that you need that one before unlocking Flirtation Expert.

Tactic needed

Moves Expert
Successfully complete a date with at least 16 Moves remaining

I recommend trying this as soon as possible while using some of the following date gifts:
Lucky Cat Dice, Jade Coin, Hourglass, maybe also Sun Doll.
Like always it is best to make the girl drunk before the date in order to give you a bit of a headstart.
I recommend also using Sakura Shaped Hairpin at first and gather as many broken heart tokens as possible at the screen before before using the Lucky Cat Dice.
Maybe you’re going to need some tries.

The art of flirting
Earn 1500 or more Affection in a single move while on date

I did this by using the following items: Sakura Shaped Hairpin, Pig Doll With Wings, PInk Magic Fruit, Teddy Bear, Rainbow Candy
I dated Masami (prefers sexuality tokens), got my passio level to 14 and matched 4 sexuality tokens while 2 of them were super tokens.

Busy man
Finish final night date with every girls within 4 hearts

Just keep in mind that you have to get the girls to 4 hearts and THEN date them at night only.
A successfull nightdate will give you the opportunity to take them to your bedroom.

Night hunter
Finish final nightdate with every girl in hard mode

No need to play the whole game in hard mode. Simply play the nightdate in hard mode. If you have already taken them to your bedroom, you can simply change the difficulty to hard and do a nightdate with the girls again. Very convenient.

Let loose have fun
Get a girl drunk and date her

All I did was fill up the girl’s “thirst-meter” and successfully dated her. Since this is something you want to do anyway, you will unlock this quite soon.

Joyful date
Accumulate 40 Joy in one date

This can be done best by using a part of my Joy Build. Simply use it to hoard the joy points but complete the date without spending anymore joy on the following gifts. Maybe you will need a few tries.

Lucky man
Get a power token with 3 token matched

Best way is to max your luck. Sooner or later it will be unlocked by itself.
Just remind yourself that you want to unlock the Looser achievement before upgrading your Luck skill.

High skill
Create a super token by 7 token matched

Quote from the dev about this:

You need to match the same color and the 7 match must be in one set

From my point of view this is the hardest one and I find it quite annoying because it also involves quite an amount of luck. I unlocked the Looser achievement rather soon, but for some reason High Skill takes a lot of time.

Create a 7 token matched without creating a power token

The Grindy Part

Rich man
Give gifts to any girls 100 times

Essences of love
Collect 200000 Lovecens

No need to hold all 200000 at the same time. Feel free to spend it. Once your alltogether-collected Lovecens reaches this limit, the achievement pops.

Date Expert
Use date gift 50 times

Attentive man
Buy every date gift

Unlock at least 4 collection

On each girl’s profile a “collection” tab can be found. This section gets filled by the presents you give to the girls. The gifts they like are marked with a star.
This achievement is a bit annoying because items you have already bought do respawn in the shop, therefore you can give the same gift twice (or even more often) to the girls. This will grant you Lovecens, but won’t help you with this achievement. If you only need a little amount of gifts to fill the collections and you cannot find the desired ones, you need to visit the shop on the next day. Maybe you’re more lucky then.
I also encountered a bug:
NIko needs a Beach Kit for her collection, but the Beach Kit wasn’t marked with a star when I browsed the gift centre while facing her. I still bought it and it worked.
So pay attention! Maybe your missing items are there but are not marked with a star.
If you want to look up the namesof the items, you can do this by visiting Ashelaain’s guide.

Read every story

“Story” is also a tab in each girl’s profile. The story will be unlocked after you have laid her.

Information machine
Unlock every girl’s preferences and details

Both is a tab in the girls’ profiles. This requires a lot of talking.
Beware that they get annoyed if you ask about stuff they have already told you.
Better take notes 😉

Trait master
Max all traits

Get every girl drunk at least one time

Hidden Achievements
Don’t worry too much about the hidden achievements:
All of them will be unlocked by themselves if you simply play the game and lay every girl.

First Date
Successfully finish the first date with any girl

Welcome to VR world
Finish the prologue

Unlock Sara

Unlock Niko

Unlock Hina

Unlock Akari

Unlock Masami

Finish final night date with MASAMI

Nerdy Girl
Finish final night date with SARA

Finish final night date with NIKO

Finish final night date with AKARI

Darkminded Girl
Finish final night date with HINA

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