Across the Grooves: Mood Guide

A guide to the specific moods that relate to each question you can ask.



So you want to focus on one attitude, right?
Well, here’s a guide where I list literally that.
Most of the choices are Spiral/Lightning or Skull/Flower, but not all.

Through my playthroughs, I’ve deduced that:
Spiral seems to be focusing on the past and using the record and learning about the record.
Lightning seems to be about being emotionally distant, or at the very least not overly concerned with the emotional responses..
Flower seems to be emotional, dealing with love and the heart.
Skull seems to be more about the present mystery surrounding the record

I may be wrong about this though.


Answer the interphone. (Flower)
Send Jean-Baptiste (Skull)

About the Record
Tell him the Truth. (Skull)
Make Something Up (Flower)

Listen to the Record (Spiral)
Go to Work. (Lightning)

Listening to the Record
I follow you. (Flower)
I stay out. (Skull)

Still together (Flower)
Already Apart (Skull)

What disaster? (Lightning)
No, I don’t want to let you go this time. (Spiral)

  • I miss you. (Spiral)
  • I need to understand. (Lightning)

Chapter 1 – Bordeaux

In the brasserie
It’s nice to maintain the traditions. (Spiral)
It’s pointless, but it makes Marie happy. (Lightning)

Speak about the Record (Skull)
Say that everything is fine. (Flower)

I don’t know… (Flower)
I’m going to investigate. (Skull)

Go away. (Lightning)
Go nearer. (Spiral)

  • Try to have a conversation. (Skull)
  • Go Away (Flower)

With Marc
I’m worried. (Flower)
He sent me a record. [Skull]

That’s Ridiculous. (Skull)
Yes, I’ve had that feeling. (Flower)

Did you listen to it? (Lightning)

  • What did you see? (Skull)
    • Tell Me More (Skull)
    • OK, I Understand
  • Me either.

Do you know where it comes from? (Spiral)

  • Yes. (-)
  • No.
  • No thanks.
  • With pleasure. (Spiral)

The girls’ clothes change, so responses depend on if she’s a mod or a rocker. I think this might affect her clothing choices in subsequent chapters, or it might be the prevalent moods.
Do you think? (Sonic Youth: Lightning, Belle and Sebastian: Spiral, Flower)
I don’t think so. (Belle and Sebastian: Lightning)

You’re Right. (Spiral)
I can’t promise anything. (Lightning)

Leave Straight Away. (Skull)
Leave the day after.

Chapter 2 – Paris

Note: This one has a few branching options, so don’t worry if you dont see one option or section.
Call Frank (Spiral)
Don’t Call Frank (Lightning)

Question the bookseller
Question “Patty”

He left Paris? (Lightning)
The “Thelema”? (Spiral)

Talk about the Record. (Flower)
Press for an answer about Ulysse. (Skull)

But he’s the one who left me! (Spiral)
That’s in the past. (Lightning)

Ask if they had a “fling” (Skull)
Don’t ask. (Flower)

Ask Patrizia about the record. (Spiral)
Ask if she knows where Ulysse is. (Lightning)

If you made plans with Frank
Go with Patrizia (leads to Enzo)
See Frank (leads to Frank)
Ask for an explanation (Skull)

Give him the details. (Skull)
Be evasive.

Tell him what happened when listening to the record.
Change the subject. (Flower)

Give a sign of affection. (Flower)
Stay silent.

That’s a pity. (-)
That doesn’t surprise me.

It wouldn’t have changed anything. (-)
If Daphne agreed to the baby, its because she wanted it.

It’s a good idea. (Flower)
It’s a big mistake.

That worries me too.
Don’t worry about me. (Skull)

Tell the Truth (Skull)
Avoid the Question (Flower)

It Rings a bell…
No. (-)

Really? (Lightning)
That doesn’t surprise me. (Spiral)

Go Back to the Bar. (Lightning)
Ask Enzo about his past. (Spiral)

  • That record stole someone from you too? (Skull)
  • You don’t have to talk about it…
  • Do you know where the record came from? (Spiral)
  • Do you know what happened to the record afterward?

Yes, Enzo helped (Flower)
No, I didn’t learn much.
Not really, but I had a great night. (Skull)

Spend the night with Patrizia.
Go back to the hotel. (-)

Spending the night Patrizia
It worries me a bit
It’ll be okay. (Skull)

Reject Patrizia’s advances.
Kiss her.

Going to the hotel alone
Walk Faster
Turn Around (Skull)

  • What do you want?! (Skull)
  • Why did you follow me?
  • Feign Ignorance (Flower)
  • Demand an explanation.

On the train
Accept (Skull)
Refuse. (Flower)

Be evasive. (Skull)
Make something up. (Flower)

Cut off the conversation. (Flower)

  • The record stole the love of my life from me! (Spiral, Skull)
  • I need to know now. (Lightning, Skull)
  • Let go of my arm, please.

Speak frankly. (Skull)

  • You’re Wrong!
  • You don’t know me! (Flower)

Chapter 3 – London

Strawberry Fields
Talk about Ulysse (Lightning)

  • Insist (Skull)
  • Give Up

No, I don’t know where it is. (Flower)
It’s not for sale.

Talk about the record (Spiral)
Leave the store. (-)

Can you tell me more about these so-called “powers”? (lightning)
Could you tell me one or two of these stories? (Spiral)

I’ve got plenty of time.
No, It’s not worth it. (Flower)

Sidecar Vinyl
Answer candidly. (Flower)
Answer Firmly. (Skull)

He Scares Me (Flower)
He’s Pathetic (Skull)

  • Apologise. (Flower)
  • Stay Quiet

I don’t really know what to think … (-)

It’s out of the question. (Skull)
I need to think about it. (Flower)

  • Give the address of the hotel. (Flower)
  • Refuse (Skull)

Yard Sale Records
Yes, That Ulysse. (Lightning)
Ulysse is primarily my ex. (Spiral)

How do you know Ulysse? (Spiral)
Do you know where Ulysse is? (Lightning)

I’d planned to drop in at another record store…

  • I’ll give it a shot

I’ll Stay here.

The Fox & Sparrow
Did he tell you what he was doing in London? (Spiral)
Do you know where he is now? (Lightning)

Show interest. (-)
Get defensive. (-)

I’ll think about it. (Flower)
Don’t push me. (Skull)

Take the Initiative.

  • Accept. (Lightning)
  • Refuse (Spiral)
    • All Right
    • No, really. Sorry. (Spiral)

Go Back to the hotel. (-)

If you have Didier’s number
Call Didier (-)
Don’t Call Didier

Let’s say I accept… (Flower)
And if I refuse? (Skull)

They scare me. (Flower)
Don’t worry about me. (Skull)

Let Eddie listen to the record. (Flower)

Chapter 4 – Glasgow

If not with Alan
I was sent by Alan (Lightning)
I’m looking for someone (Spiral)

Do you know what he was doing here? (Spiral)
Do you know where he went next? (Lightning)

Go to the radio station. (I don’t know. I got Flower once, but Lightning the next time)
Listen to the record

Subcity Radio
With Alan
Intervene (Skull)
Let Alan Continue

Ask if he’s seen Ulysse (Spiral)
Ask if he knows Arthur Pullman. (Lightning)

With Alan
Be evasive
Tell him everything. (Skull)

You can’t go with me. (Skull)
Thanks for your support.

Listening to the Record – 2
Go further back (Spiral)
Come Closer. (Lightning)

Yes, I’m fine. (Flower)
No, not great. (Skull)

Avoid the question. (Flower)
Admit yes. (Skull)

Arthur Pullman
Act as if nothing is wrong. (Flower)
Admit the strangeness of the situation. (Skull)

Ask if he’s met Ulysse. (Lightning)
Ask what he means by “realignment” (Spiral)

This place, Boleskine, I suppose it’s got a lot of history? (Spiral)

  • “Zoso”? (-)
  • No idea. (-)

Can you tell me more about how the record works? (Lightning)

  • Can you undo the effects of the record?
  • Can you control the past precisely? (Spiral)

Undoubtedly. (Lightning, Skull)
I’m not so sure.

This section depends on what Alice looks like and I have not seen all the options.
Alice is a mod now
I like it. (Spiral, Flower)
I don’t like it.

Alice is a goth now.
I like it. (Lightning, Skull)
I don’t like it.

  • She looks too extreme.
  • She’s too modern.
  • Both. (Spiral, Flower)

How have you known her for so long? (Spiral)
How did you lose touch? (Lightning)

I wouldn’t want to impose… (Flower)
Thank you for your hospitality. (Skull)

I work in the music industry. (Flower)
I work in a bank. (Skull)

Cheese (This gives you an achievement)
Dessert (-)

By the fire
Why have you decided to help me? (Flower)
What must I do to get the record back? (Skull)

But it didn’t last? (-)
What’s this got to do with Eva? (-)

What happened after that? (Lightning)
Can you tell me more about that time? (Spiral)

Excuse my bluntness, but where did the money come from? (Skull)
That’s fascination, but what was the point? (Flower)

The long version.(Spiral)

  • Perfectly. (Spiral)
  • Not really, no. (Lightning)

The short version. (Lightning)

But how did you manage to steal the record? (Lightning)
What were Eva’s plans Originally? (Spiral)

She had nothing more to gain… (Flower)
She could have wanted revenge… (Skull)

I’m sorry. (Flower)
Thank You. (Skull)

Wait… (Skull)
Very well. (Flower)

The next morning
I slept very well. (Flower)
My night was disturbed. (Skull)

You’ve already helped enormously. (Flower)
It’s better than nothing. (Skull)

Stop in London (Lightning)
Go back to Bordeaux. (Spiral)

I’m not so sure. (Spiral)
You’re probably right. (Lightning)

Chapter 5 – … um… something I don’t know how to read

Change the subject. (Skull)
Make something up.

Yes, Yes. (Flower)
Why are you asking? (Skull)

Ask For Explanations (Skull)
Run away. (Flower)

What do you know about the record? (Spiral)
What do you know about me? (Lightning)

Enter discreetly. (Flower)

  • Start a conversation (Skull)
  • Stay in the background. (flower)

Enter openly. (Skull)

  • Don’t make trouble (Flower)
  • Don’t be pushed around.

Be ironic. (Skull)
Stay quiet. (Flower)

Arthur Pullman. (Flower)
None of your business. (Skull)

Get angry. (Skull)
Stay silent (Flower)

Accept (Spiral)
Refuse (Lightning)

What happened? (Spiral)
It’s all the record’s fault. (Lightning)

Listening to the Record – 3
Enjoy this moment. (Spiral)
Get to the point. (Lightning)

Be completely frank. (Skull)
Say as little as possible. (Flower)

Give him a sign of Affection. (-)
Say something to reassure him. (-)


Only if he listened to the record in Chapter 3
Yes (Flower)
Ahem, how should I put it? (Skull)

I’m glad too. (Flower)
You told me you had some information for me. (Skull)

How long about was it?
How was he? (-)


Give him a sign of affection (Flower)
Just take a seat. (Skull)

Be Ironic. (Skull)
Sympathise (Flower)

Yes. (-)
I Don’t Know.(-)

Interrupt Him. (Skull)
Let Him Continue (Flower)

Get Angry. (Skull)
Be Understanding.(Flower)

Yes. (-)
No (-)

Destroy the record. (Lightning)

  • Leave (Lightning)
  • Join Ulysse (Spiral)

Listen to it. (Spiral)

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