6 Seasons And A Game Gameplay (How to Play)

Here is a simple guide telling some basics about the 6 Seasons And A Game.


How to play
To play this game you simply have to download the game, which seems pretty obvious.
Once started up you will see a screen saying ‘6 Seasons and a Game’ with 2 buttons saying ‘play’ and ‘quit’ and you obviously need to click ‘play’.

First of you probably need to adjust your graphics and video settings.
You have enough choices to edit to make it unique to yourself on what you like and prefer.The controls of the game are quite simple and easy to understood.
About that, scroll down a bit in this guide or check the guide contents on the right side.
And if you would like to check it out yourself, feel free to!

If you click the button ‘Visit Greendale’ then you will be teleported to the map of Greendale.
This map is singleplayer, here you can check out the map, find easter eggs and funny things and explore the surroundings a bit.

If you click on ‘Multiplayer’ you have two options. Either you create your own lobby or you join one.
If you want to join one then click ‘Join Game’ and then hit the ‘search button. Here you can see servers made by players, click on one and join them. Once joined, get ready to get a painball to your face as this game is pretty intens sometimes and a lot of paint is being wasted!

All the basics and others related to options, how to play and whatever are quite simple.
You run, shoot and dodge incoming paintballs, hide and jump around corners, find easter eggs and whatever there is in the map. Do know, more is coming as the game is recently released and the team is working hard on it. Great things will come in the future!

To communicate and interacts around with other players including the team and others then please join the Discord. The link is shown in this guide below.

Do know that i’m playing in medium quality/graphics which effects the gameplay.
The higher the graphics and quality the better it will look. Unfortunately my PC isn’t that great so please don’t judge the game’s quality in this video. Download the game as it’s free2play on Steam, put everything on ULTRA if possible and see it for yourself. You’ll be amazed!


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