44 Minutes in Nightmare: Comprehensive Guide

Welcome to my 44 Minutes in Nightmare guide. Here you can find explanations to some game mechanics, but be warned, it can ruin your game experience. In this game exploration and thinking is the key. 44 Minutes in Nightmare is still pretty new, so I will update and improve this guide as I progress.


Health bars and related consumables

Your character has two bars and a health value.

Fear bar: your fear increases with time.When the bar is full, you won’t be able to use your sprint ability.You can reset it by using a Stablizer.

Pollution bar: pollution increases with time.When the bar is full, one additional enemy will spawn.You can reset it by staying in a blue fog.

You start with 100 health points. You can reach a maximum of 200 health points. Bananas and FirstAidKits can be randomly found. You can use them to heal yourself or to increase your health pool, but don’t waste them trying to raise your pool over 200.

Banana: +20 Health Points.

FirstAidKit: +60 Health Points.


In the nightmare you can meet five enemies.




Crawling Thing

Pay attention. The Crawling Thing can leave Hands on the floor, that will prevent your character from moving. Just hit them and you’ll break free. You’ll lose 1 hp for each blow, but it shouldn’t be a problem.

Puppet: the puppet is very rare, I still have to meet one.

You can lure them with a MusicBox or stun them briefly with Powder. You can also hide or be quiet and just hope they don’t notice you. You can also kill the Zombie, the Knight, the Maid and the Puppet with a Gun. The Gun has only one shot. I didn’t have any luck with the Crawling Thing.

The Girl

You cannot beat the game without the girl, you need to find her. She sits in a corner in a random room. An item that will help you with this task is the PuppyToy. When you’re ready, use it and follow it, it will lead you to the girl’s room. Just bring with you some keys for the locked doors, you might need them. You can use the Toy again, if you lose the girl by running too fast or teleporting.

The Exits

To leave the nightmare you have to locate one of three special rooms: the Church, the Shrine and the Study. To unlock the exit you need three items. You can randomly find these items while wandering.

The Church

A Memo will poetically explain you what you need. A CandleStick, an Organ and a Knife.

The Shrine

You will need a Hammer, a BoltCutter and a Hacksaw.

The Study

Required items are a Gem, Cigar and a TeddyBear.

Once you have used the three items and you are followed by the girl, a portal will appear to allow you to escape and complete the game. Grats!

By Bacca

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