Youtubers Life 2: How to Find Food

I had enough of forgetting with food is where, so I come with idea to share my list with everyone and to help out more I also customized a map from the game to make it a bit easier Map This map will help you to find out exactly with place to look for specific … Read more

Youtubers Life 2: How To Get Married

Personally, it took me ages to figure out how to get married, especially without any obvious way to know how to do so, so here is a guide on how to do just that.   How to get married The first step to getting married is choosing who you want to get married to. You … Read more

Youtubers Life 2: How to Find and Use USB Sticks

I started off with no clue on how usb sticks work, but eventually i figured it out, and here how!   How to find and use USB sticks To find a usb, it must first be a trend that day. From there open instalife and look for a post about that usb stick, it will … Read more