Xylith Game Achievement Lists

Here are all achievements for XYLITH game. each achievement with their description. hope this guide help you. Seeker An award for discovering a new species MANIS You have defeated MANIS GORUS You have defeated GORUS CLAVIS You have defeated CLAVIS LAESH You have defeated LAESH OMGA You have defeated OMGA EYEGA You have defeated EYEGA … Read more

Xylith Game Controls Guide

Here is a control guide for XYLITH game. if you have any problem. please let me know.   Controls Xylith supports the following control schemes. Preferred play is with Microsoft Gamepad and/or Keyboard and Mouse. Action Gamepad Keyboard Mouse Move Left Left Stick – a, left arrow Move Right Left Stick + d, right arrow … Read more

Xylith OST Soundtrack Location

After purchasing XYLITH this guide will help you retrieve your copy of the XYLITH-OST-Soundtrack.   Steps to Retrieve the XYLITH Soundtrack Ken “coda” Snyder developed an amazing soundtrack for Xylith. I feel like I couldn’t have made this game without his amazing talent. Please enjoy! -Dan If you purchased Xylith then the Official Soundtrack is … Read more