X4 Foundations Troubleshooting (Issues & Its Solutions)

This thread collects various solutions to issues that prevent the game from starting. The general rule is: If the game does not run or causes problems go through these steps FIRST then read the remaining topics in this posting. At the bottom follow a few tips if the game does run but crashes repeatedly or … Read more

X4 Foundations: All Missions Guide 2021 (Version 4.0)

A guide to X4: Foundations mission system: what they are and where you can get them. Current as of version 4.00.   Missions At heart, X4: Foundations is a sandbox style game where you make your own story by doing what you want to do. However, it does have a little structure in it. Missions … Read more

X4 Foundations: Keyboard Command & Control Panel v1.0

New to X4 Foundations? Well then you will need this keyboard interface. Download this guide that will be your Command and Control Panel to your desktop cockpit.   101 Keyboard Layout Commands The keyboard represents a standard 101. Note the broad colour coding that relates back to clusters of control types, such as: Red = … Read more