Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: Rank System & Skills Rewards Guide

In this guide I will explain how the rank system works and all skills rewards in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory.   How do I get XP? Experience points are earned when the player accomplishes certain tasks. There are three areas in which players gain experience, and eventually level up: Battle Sense Light Weapons A third, class-specific … Read more

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: Widescreen & Low FPS Fixed

Here is a guide on how to set widescreen resolution and fix the low fps issue in Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. this method will need to edit your save file, so you need an editor program first.   Editor Requirement Notepad+++ Note: If you don’t have it, Just Google it and download from the official site to … Read more

Wolfenstein Enemy Territory: How to Set a Color Nickname

Here is a guide on how to choose your favorite color.   How to set color Add ^ and number infront of text you want to change. First option: 1. Open console with ~ 2. Type /seta name ^number+text (e.g.: /seta name ^1ni^2ck) Second option: 1. Join any server 2. Press L 3. Change name … Read more