When The Past Was Around Walkthrough (100% Achievements)

When The Past Was Around is simple and lovely game. This guide will help you to solved all puzzle of the game and additionally you`ll receive all possible achievements. Introduction Hello! first thing first, English is not my first language so forgive me if there any grammar mistakes or wrong translation. The reason i made … Read more

When The Past Was Around: 100% Achievements Guide

When The Past Was Around┬áis a lovely and short point and click adventure featuring 20 achievements. Chapters can be replayed at any time. ´╗┐   Story-related Achievements Prologue Complete Prologue Behind The Curtain Open the curtain When the Door Opened Complete Chapter 1 When I Found You Complete Chapter 2 Tea Time Symphony Finish the … Read more

When The Past Was Around: How to Fix Resolution Stucked

Few players have reported that after interacting with options, like switching the game language, their resolution stucked at some uncomfortable value and can’t be changed forcing them to play with compressed screen. This is a fix for it.   Can’t change resolution in the game? This is a typical issue which I met in Unity … Read more