Warframe: How to Find Easter Eggs DE

In this guide, I will show you where you can find the easter eggs left by the developers for themselves. In order to find all 3 easter eggs, you need to go to the hubs of all open locations. (Cetus, Fortune, Nekralisk).   1. Cetus After landing on Cetus, we jump to the first mountain … Read more

Warframe: Promo Codes (Jul 2021)

Valid promotional codes from various sources as of July 1, 2021. Most codes currently only offer glyphs.   How to use There is a special page on the official Warframe website for using the promo code. You can visit it and activate any code that you have. Link[www.warframe.com] Promo Codes 1. PARVOS 2. Avelna 3. … Read more

Warframe: Damage Type Tier List (APR 2021)

Based on a combination of factors including: Applicability of the type against different factions Quality of the debuff the damage type applies Other unique bonus features of the types This is my personal opinions and experiences with the different damage types in Warframe, and which ones you’d want to slot your weapons up to utilize. … Read more