War on the Sea: How to Custom Sub-Class

This guide is made for those who are interested in adding their own customized sub-class, despite them having the same model. It’s not much that I can do, hope this helps! o7   How do you add your own class from an existing model? Perhaps you’re bored with the same class and you wanted to … Read more

War on the Sea: Submarine and Anti-Submarine Warfare Guide

A brief overview on how to use submarines in War on the Sea to sink ships, as well as how to find and destroy enemy submarines.   Introduction Submarine attacks in War on the Sea can be incredibly powerful, sinking huge amounts of tonnage while risking very little. However, the most effective way to use … Read more

War on the Sea: Keyboard Controls for Combat Mode

A keyboard map with the hotkeys used in combat mode. Does not include hotkeys for the strategy map or the mission editor.   Keyboard Map Keyboard map with hotkeys for combat mode. Does not include hotkeys for strategy map or mission editor. By th0ma5

War on the Sea: Beginners Guide (Campaign)

The game is quite big and as a beginner it can be quite overwhelming. I hope this guide can help you get started.   The Factions You can start a campaign as either the Japanse or the Americans. Both have very interesting elements to their complement of vessels and their starting locations. They are balanced … Read more

War on the Sea: How to Fix Game Crashes in Win 7

War on the Sea is a new simulator game that you can command ships, submarines and aircraft in the South Pacific during WWII. however. if you want to run this game in windows 7, you will encounter the game crashes. here is a simple guide for you to fix this issue. if this method works for … Read more