Valheim: Food Values (Hearth & Home Update)

Here is an up-to-date guide on the food values of Valheim.   Food List This list is sorted in ascending order of total health & stamina provided Food Icon Health Stamina Total Healing Duration Stack size Bukeberries -100% -100% 0 15 50 Raspberries 7 20 27 1 600 50 Mushroom 15 15 30 1 900 … Read more

Valheim: FPS Boost to Low-setup PC

Here is a guide on how to increase FPS in Valheim.   Lower graphics settings Let’s start from the very beginning about the qualitative changes in the game. You can also lower the Resolution (well, this is the last resort) Change in the game folder Go to the game folder To do this, right-click the game. … Read more

Valheim: How to Flatten an Area in One Command

In this guide you’ll learn to use the Terraforming mode in Valheim.   Introductions TerrainMaster Mod V1.0 Published by Valheim Mods (Adv. Building / Terraforming), join the discord support : click here[] The mod allows you to Flatten the floor to build Flatten the floor to paste a vbuild Remove all trees / rocks on the … Read more

Valheim: Advanced Tips and Tricks

18 advanced tips and tricks that will make your life in Valheim way easier.   1. SPEAR IS OP If you are just at the beginning of your journey and thinking what weapons you shall make first, think no more, because Flint spear is a no brainer choice. Cheap in production, veryfast and you can … Read more

Valheim: How to Tame Animals

Want to know how to tame Valheim animals? The Norse wilderness of Valheim can be a brutal, unforgiving place – but whether you’re playing the Viking game by yourself or on a multiplayer Valheim server, you don’t have to face it alone. With the right care and attention, several different wild Valheim animals can potentially … Read more

Valheim: How to Dupe Items

how to dupe items with the world save and the character save   1. World save method 1.1: Copying the world file To start, you first have to make a copy of the world file in which the itens that you want to dupe are. World files are located in your appdata directory on the Worlds folder … Read more

Valheim: How to Fix Rubber Banding & Skipping During Multiplayer

If you encounter some extreme rubber banding and skipping during multiplayer and can’t attribute it to one person’s connection or faulty server hardware, it is most likely due to the game’s 60kb upload cap and the tendency for players to hit the cap in complex multiplayer situations. Hopefully this guide will help you out but … Read more

Valheim: Building System Guide

This is a list of tips and tricks for those struggling with building in Valheim.   Intro I see a lot of people complaining about how difficult Valaheim’s building system is. As a long time builder, I can tell you this is certainly not the worst system. (I still have nightmares about City of Villains … Read more