Undead Horde 2 Necropolis: All Runes, Effigies and Secrets List

Simply some lists of things worth finding in Undead Horde 2.   1000 words paints a picture As will be obvious, I have decided not to use lots of screenshots in these lists. My hope is that the descriptions can be followed without creating something that will be bogged down with images. If anything is … Read more

Undead Horde 2 Necropolis: All Secrets Locations

All secrets – Completed DARKLANDS ✅ WINTERLANDS ✅ DESERT ✅ CITADEL ✅   -{ DARKLANDS }- Scavenger’s Bog – 1 Secret Muddy Bog – 1 Secret Press the buttons in order – you can command your army to left side because they accidentally touch the buttons. Ruins of Bal’agor – 2 Secrets There will be … Read more

Undead Horde 2 Necropolis: Endgame Gear Guide

Guide to optimal equipment crafting for endgame.   Introduction This guide assumes you are in world 2, or at least close to finishing the game once. New equipment sucks? Hate RNG? You jelly? If yes, be jelly no more! This guide will teach you how to 100% get all the abilities you want on any … Read more