Total War WARHAMMER III: How to Fix Windowed Mode DPI Scaling Clashing with Windows at 4K

This guide tells you how to use separate DPI settings for the game and Windows.   Windows settings. Check your windows settings. This is not a necessary step. This is just to help you understand from where the issue stems from. Open the start menu and click settings. In the settings screen, click on system. … Read more

Total War WARHAMMER III: Dark Prince’s Realm Possible Rewards

Ready to succumb to your desires? This guide will show you all possible rewards from the Realm of Dark Prince (Slaanesh Chaos Realm). Rewards information is based on game version 1.0.2.   Introduction When going through each portal in the Dark Prince’s Realm to go to the next level, Slaanesh will try to tempt you … Read more

Total War WARHAMMER III: How to Get Better Battle Camera

Small guide to unlock the camera to have unlimited height and no collision with the environment (like bridges).   Introduction During siege battles with bridges, I have seen some players struggle with the camera because the collisions make it move above bridges instead of letting it go under them. With the release of the game … Read more

Total War WARHAMMER III: Faction Strength and Weaknesses (Multiplayer Mode)

A list detailing simple strengths and weaknesses of the faction you wish to play in multiplayer or the one your enemy chooses.   Overview This Guide should mainly help you with Domination mode and does not focus on the Campaign This is a Work in Progresss Project, I will soon add Strategys or change some … Read more

Total War WARHAMMER III: Hidden Unlockable Legendary Lords

A to-the-point guide to unlock Boris Ursus and Be’lakor. The guide will be updated if/when other unlockable lords are added in the future.   Boris Ursus (Kislev) As a Kislevite faction, you will need to control simultaneously the 3 settlements of Kislev, Praag and Erengrad for 10 continuous turns. This will trigger a quest battle … Read more

Total War WARHAMMER III: Recommended Graphics Setting (Campaign & Battle)

Every graphical setting has been tested, using both the campaign and the battle-in-game benchmarks.   Introduction I have gone through all the graphical settings for Total War: Warhammer 3 and tested the performance impact of each using the two in-game benchmarks. These tests were carried out on the release version of the game v1.0.0 12381.2524378 … Read more