Top 10 Best Common Spawn Weapon In Blackout

1 – Paladin HB50SE

Paladin HB50SE is the best siper rifle for Pro, extremely powful, One Shot Kill, no attachment needed. 

2 – Vapr-XKG

Vapr-XKG is the best close/medium range assault rifle, it also works well at long range with proper attachments. The most of time, if i’m in the final circle, I’ll have a Vapr along with another weapon on the list.

3 – GKS

Most of the people won’t expect a SMG in the list, but GKS is the best in it’s catagory. Almost no Recoil works extremely well with suppressor, an excellent for pushing.

4 – Auger DMR

Auger DMR is just a crazy efficiently killing machine at any range, low recoil make it easy to control as well, it’s one of the rarest weapon in blackout, really hard to find.

5 – Rampart 17

Rampart 17 will be your main in Blackout If you are a fans of weapons like Sacr-H, it takes care of all of your needs in game, it works really well at close range, long range (with proper attachment) and shooting cars.

6 – Titan

Titan is a Monster, a powerful machine gun with high capacity, deadly at both long and short distance.

7 – ABR 223

ABR 233 is a really common weapon, but because of its burst mode, lot of player do not like it

but it’s quite efiecient at any range since it’s able to hold any scope with low recoil.

8 – Koshka

Koshka is a common sniper rifle in game, it’s easy to find, easy powerful for newcomer and pro.

ps: ADS speed is very fast with sniper’s scope if are into quick scoping, find this particular scope.


on of the best weapon for newcomer, high Capacity, low recoil, high fire rate, Not attachment required, very easy to control, quite deadly at close range.

10 – GRAV

Grav is a not a weapon that’s easy to find, it can’t get any attachment on but you can still see lot of thing becasue it has a very thin body and it’s still efficient at long range.


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