Tokyo Ghoul Break the Chains Codes (November 2023): New Updated!

Enter the shadowy streets of Tokyo in Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains, a mobile game that immerses you in a world where Ghouls and humans coexist in a precarious balance. The story revolves around Ken Kaneki, a young man thrust into the ghoul world after a fateful encounter. As you navigate through this game, you’ll meet beloved characters, relive iconic scenes, and engage in strategic battles. But to truly thrive, you’ll need an edge – and that’s where gift codes come in.

All codes work in the latest version

Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains Gift Codes

Enhance your journey through the ghoul world with this special gift code:

We added a new code on Nov. 28, 2023

Working Gift Codes:

  • TokyoGhoulBTCS1 (New!)
  • TokyoGhoulBTC1123 – Redeem for Diamond*30, Nuclear Battery*1, Gold*50,000
  • BreaktheChains1116 – Redeem for Diamond*30, Nuclear Battery*1, Gold*50,000
  • dffg48r5hc6e – Redeem for Diamonds*15, Nuclear Battery*1
  • TokyoGhoulBTC1109 – Redeem for In-game Rewards

Remember, this code is case-sensitive and a gateway to exclusive in-game benefits.

Expired Gift Codes:

  • 4bs791wnc6cq
  • hs3awk2lqz7e

Players who enjoy the thrilling world of Tokyo Ghoul should watch for similar games like Cyber Rebellion Codes, Shield Hero RISE Codes, and Hokage Awakening Codes. These games often offer their unique gift codes, adding an extra layer of excitement to the gaming experience.


How to Redeem Gift Codes

Redeeming your gift code is simple. Follow these steps to claim your rewards:

Step 1: Head over to the ‘Settings’ menu in the game.

Step 2: Select the ‘Account’ option.

Step 3: Look for the ‘Redeem Code’ section.

Step 4: Enter the code here.

Each step is crucial to successfully unlocking your rewards and enhancing your gameplay.


How to Stay with More Codes?

The best way to stay updated with new codes for Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains is by following their official social media channels:

Game developers frequently release new codes through these platforms, so make sure to stay connected!

Embark on your journey in Tokyo Ghoul: Break the Chains, available on Google Play, and step into a world where the line between humans and ghouls blurs. Are you ready to break the chains?

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