The Talos Principle 2: 100% Achievement Guide

Guidance for obtaining 100% achievements! Spoiler Alert!   Introduction The Talos Principle 2 is a first-person puzzle game and the successor to The Talos Principle. There is a point of no return at the end of the game. After saving Byron, you will be able to complete all remaining puzzles. If you enter the VTOL, you won’t … Read more

The Talos Principle 2: Gold Puzzle Solutions and Teleports

Fastest Solutions and Teleport Locations for the Golden Door Puzzles. (Contains Spoilers!)   Overview The Golden Gate Puzzles are found quite early in the game, as there is a golden gate in all 13 island zones. They all unlock at the same time much later in the game, once the objectives below have been completed. … Read more

The Talos Principle 2: How to Skip the Intro

Here is a guide on how to skip the intro videos.   Navigate to your Steam folder C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common[http//C] or wherever you installed it to. You can find this by right-mouse clicking your Steam shortcut and looking at the Target location. Navigate to the movies folder …\The Talos Principle 2\Talos2\Content\PrerenderedMovies\Bink[…] Inside here you will … Read more

The Talos Principle 2: All Terminal Hex Translations

This guide contains the translations for the hex code found in the terminals scattered around The Talos Principle 2.   Introduction This guide is a list of all the logs containing hex code and what it translates to. It is a work in progress that I will update as I progress through the game. All … Read more

The Talos Principle 2: Museum Sigil Puzzle Solutions

All the sigil puzzle solutions in New Jerusalem’s Museum of the Simulation.   Note This might be a useless guide, because you’re not required to do this for an achievement (just interacting with a display will count towards the museum achievement). It’s solely to satisfy the crazy completionists like me that are very bad at … Read more