The Survivalists: Crafting Tree Guide

Here is a Survivalists crafting tree guide. you can find cooking, Manufacturing, building, blacksmith craft and Great workbench in this guide. Note: The version of the game at the time of writing Beta (10/07/2020) Cooking Basic cooking is done over a fire, and extended cooking is done in a cauldron. Coal is also produced here after burning wood. Fruit smoothie Ground … Read more

The Survivalists: Save File Location (FAQ)

The Survivalists is an adventure-filled survival sandbox game. If you have some problems about the Survivalists save game. here is the save game location for you. we will add more FAQs for you to start this game.   Where are the Saved Games Files? (path) C:\Users\rousm\AppData\LocalLow\Team17 Digital Ltd_\The Survivalists search windows %appdata%   More FAQs for The … Read more