The Scroll Of Taiwu: Crafting & Gear Guide

This guide describes how the crafting system works as well as which gear grants what type of bonuses so you can more optimally min max your character.   Materials Explained This is going to covering how Materials work only within the context of gear. Consumables have slightly different behavior. The Material you use is the … Read more

The Scroll Of Taiwu: Village Management Guide

Introduction to the basics of village management, such as what your buildings do, how to acquire new buildings, how to acquire more and better villagers and what buildings to invest into.   The Essential Basics In Scroll of Taiwu, Taiwu village is your primary source of income. If you manage Taiwu village well, you can … Read more

The Scroll Of Taiwu – How to Make Money

How to make money is always one of the most important issues in every game. Hope this summary can help you find a way to become rich in this game. Enjoy!   Cricket battle Just like Gwent to The Witcher, cricket is also the core of this game. You can win a lot of money … Read more