The Outer Worlds: How to Import Saves & Achievements to Steam

If like me, you started playing The Outer Worlds upon its release on Xbox Game Pass for PC (or EGS?) on the day of release (or after), then you probably have made progress and earned achievements since that point and probably want that to carry over to Steam now that you own it (or intend … Read more

The Outer Worlds: How to Disable Mouse Acceleration

Here is a simple tutorial to how to Disable Mouse Acceleration for Outer Worlds on Steam.   What is Mouse Acceleration. Mouse Acceleration increases the speed of movement of your mouse pointer, depend on how fast you move it on the screen. You are able to reach your target faster, however, this also means you will … Read more

The Outer Worlds: How to Fix Ultrawide Fullscreen

The Outer Worlds doesn’t support fullscreen ultrawide resolutions, only windowed fullscreen. Increasing FOV surely helps, but here’s some values to change to be able to play the game in fullscreen mode with an ultrawide monitor.   Fullscreen, FOV and Chromatic Aberration Fix These are the values to set if you’re playing with a 3440×1440 monitor: Go to %LOCALAPPDATA%\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor and edit … Read more

The Outer Worlds: 100% Achievement Guide

In the game there are noise achieve. They are mostly mutually exclusive. During the first pass, you can only complete a part of them, while during the second pass, you need to make completely opposite decisions from the first pass. Or before certain missions, make saves and replay the mission twice, making different decisions. For … Read more

The Outer Worlds: How to Change FOV for Widescreen Monitors

Here is a simple tutorial for you to change FOV for widescreen monitors.   How to Change FOV for Widescreen Monitors? Open folder: %AppData%\Local\Indiana\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor Open: GameUserSettings.ini and under [/script/indiana.indianagameusersettings] set the following: CustomFieldOfView=100.000000 or less or more how u wish Screenshot Credit to KOTEHOK The Outer Worlds is an award-winning single-player RPG from Obsidian Entertainment … Read more