The Long Drive: How to Access the Hidden Mod Menu

How to access the hidden mod menu in game using the TV and keyboard.   Introduction Did you ever want some sort of mod that allows you to spawn, modify vehicles, or simply fly around but without downloading modifications? If you’re answers yes then do we have some good news for you! It’s all possible! … Read more

The Long Drive: How to Use the Commodore 64

This is a basic guide on the present functionality of the Commodore 64 in-game, what you can do with it, and how.   Introduction The Commodore 64 as it presently exists in-game is, Unfortunately, a rather limited representation of it’s real-world counterpart. As of present (v2021.06.20) I’ve found that any code written onto a Commodore … Read more

The Long Drive: Controller Setup for Driving (XBOX or any Other)

Some help to set up steering/gas/break controls for the game, until there is no official support for controllers.   Steering/Throttle/Brake 1. Plug in your controller before starting the game. Don’t bother with the launcher options with the controller axis setup, just start the game. 2. Go into “settings” then “steering wheel” setup screen. 3. Enable … Read more