THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD Remake: “Reinforcements!” Achievement Guide

Text and Video guide to help you unlock the achievement if you haven’t yet. Hope this helps!   Double Check Your Settings You want to start off by opening the settings and opening the “Controls” tab, you will unplug ANY controller that could be used for Player 2 until the Controller Type reads “NONE”. This way once you … Read more

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD Remake: Triple-Kill and Penta-Kill Achievement Guide

This quick guide will tell you how to get the Triple-Kill and Penta-Kill achievements!   Triple-Kill! and Penta-Kill Achievement In order to get these achievements you needs to have Scoring set to “Modern” instead of “Classic”. When loading into a new campaign itll now count kill streaks instead of just one of kills. If you … Read more

THE HOUSE OF THE DEAD Remake Guide (Basic Controls, Cheat Codes and FAQs)

Welcome, fellow HotD and and light-gun players to House of the Dead: Remake, based on the 1997 original Arcade game where the entire game has been remade to near 1:1 of the original (give or take a few differences). This guide will detail various things here and there, such as gameplay controls and other things. … Read more