The Entropy Centre: Save File for All Terminal Messages

Missed a terminal? Load up the saved files!   Links and Locations Back up your own save files first! 1) They can be found at: C:\Users\user_name\AppData\Local\Project_Kilo\Saved\SaveGames 2) Download my files from: 3) Disable Steam Cloud sync! 4) Load up 2nd save slot and proceed to the puzzle 1501 Data Research Read all terminal messages Solve the … Read more

The Entropy Centre: 100% Achievement Guide

This is a guide to finde all achievements in the Entropy Centre   Act 1 Wake Up Complete Act 1 It’s Rewind Time Rewind 3 items in the play area get Astra(Gun), pick up the volleyball in the next room, launch it, rewind it and do this three times Data Research Read all terminal messages … Read more

The Entropy Centre: All Terminal Message Locations

Most of the locations. Currently 76?/76 See Act 5 and comment for details. May be bugged.   All Terminal Message Locations (Currently 73/76) Act 1 2 right where you wake up computer on left side of first open room after elevator testing lab, left side across from ball testing area, stand on scaffold and rewind … Read more