The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall: Daedric Summonings Guide

This is the guide for the Daedric Summonings for Daggerfall, transcribed from the Daggerfall Chronicles book.   Daedric Summonings General summoning is only done by witches, the Mage’s Guild, and at temples. Only a single NPC in any given coven, mage’s guild or temple can do a summoning. If a daedra summoning is selected in … Read more

The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall: How to Setup DFUnity for Steam Version (Alternative Method)

How to setup DFUnity to run through Steam, if the method of renaming files isn’t working for you.   Installing Use the link above to download, this is required as the Steam version comes with an outdated version of Daggerfall (Thanks, Bethesda). Ideally, save the zip to your Daggerfall Steam Folder. Extract … Read more

The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall: How to Configure Daggerfall Unity (Steam Version)

A simple guide to swapping out the Steam version of Daggerfall for the superior Daggerfall Unity   Introduction Want to replace the vanilla 1.0 Daggerfall experience from Steam with the objectively better Unity port? Of course you do! Here’s how. The original steps to set this up were found courtesy of userĀ Isais1239 on Reddit, so … Read more