The Cycle Playtest: How To Make Money

Here is a quick guide to making money and credits.   Medium Risk, Easier. The most easiest route to go is to the abandoned mine to digsite extract repeat. Do this if you’re really low on money and just want to be in and out quickly. Its not always safe but if you’re quick you’ll … Read more

The Cycle Playtest: Armor Crafting Chart

This is a detailed list of every piece of armor and bag and the required items to craft them. Note: If this chart helps you. you can leave a comment on the author’s profile on Twitch.   Green Green Helmet (Normal) 5 – Hardened Metals 9 – Spinal Base Green Helmet (Restoration) 5 – Hardened … Read more

The Cycle Playtest: Swamp Camp Dead Drop Location

Hello Prospectors, After some searching of the swamp I found the new dead drop location for quests. Just follow the screenshots provided and hopefully, you’ll find it.   Swamp Camp Dead Drop Location ScreenShots Thanks to ttv/Rubber_Ducky6 for his great guide on how to find swamp camp dead drop location, all credit to his effort. … Read more

The Cycle Playtest: All Keys Map(Where to Use)

This guide shows where you can use all the keys on both maps. I thought it would be useful to share this with you and I hope this helps you a lot!   Keys on Bright Sands (Normal Map) Keys on Crescent Falls (Hard Map) Thanks to MerlijnEPK for his great guide, all credit to … Read more