Teardown: How to Skp the Intro Logo / Seizure Warning

Here is a short guide on how to skip intro/Warning logos and text by editing your save file.   How to Skp the Intro Logo / Seizure Warning With modifying this file, you are able to skip the intro/seizure warning text and it starts you right at the main menu. Installpath if installed to C:\ … Read more

Teardown: Whoops, Wasn’t me and Now what Achievement Guide

There are three achievements that need you to destroy XXX voxels. this simple guide will show you how to get the three achievements with a couple of workshop mods.   “Destroy XXX voxels” Achievements List Whoops Destroy 1 000 000 voxels.   Wasn’t me Destroy 10 000 000 voxels.   Now what Destroy 100 000 … Read more

Teardown: Bare Bones Achievement Guide

A guide to getting the Bare Bones achievement.   Bare Bones Achievement Guide 1. Go to the first mission, “The old building problem” in Evertides Mall. 2. Use the construction vehicles nearby. The dump truck and the excavator are especially useful 3. Leave with the escape vehicle. 4. You did it! Also make sure you don’t swing your hammer … Read more

Teardown: How to Make Chase Vehicles

A guide on making vehicles compatible with the AZC chase system.   Introduction This guide will go over the simple structure and workings of vehicles that are used by the AZC chase mod. Structure overview Let’s look at the structure of a chasevehicle, we’ll be looking at the EU – Police Van from the base … Read more

Teardown: Robots Guide (How to Understand Them)

This guide will teach you about the robots in game and which to avoid and which to not care about   The Test Robots These 3 appear in the mission “Roborazzi” and are completely okay to be around as they wont attack you. They are found being pushed around in a stability test, fleeing from … Read more

Teardown: Remove TuxedoLabs Logo and Warning (Working 2021)

The old method is not work now. here is a new method that updated way of removing the pre-game intros.   How to Remove TuxedoLabs Logo and Warning 2021 Navigate to your Teardown folder. (Steam>Teardown>Right Click>Properties>Local Files>Browse Local Files) Go to Teardown/data/ui/spash.lua Open splash.lua in notepad or any other text editor Remove everything from the file … Read more

Teardown: How to Open & Get Started with MagicaVoxel

Hello! In this guide I will be showing you how to open/get started with MagicaVoxel!   Getting MagicaVoxel The very first step is going to be getting the program, witch can be found here: https://ephtracy.github.io/ Now, once you have gone there, go to Download( Whatever version is the latest when you award this guide ) then … Read more

Teardown: How to Unlock All Tools/Get Infinite Money

In this guide, I will be teaching you how to unlock all the tools/get infinite money!   How to get all the tools WARNING: MAKE SURE TEARDOWN IS NOT OPENED/RUNNING!!! Step 1: On your desktop, press the “Windows key” and the “r” key at the same time Step 2: A little box should open up … Read more

Teardown: Hollowrock Vault Guide (How to Find)

Within this guide for Teardown, I will demonstrate on how to enter the vault on the map “Hollowrock”. This is a vault located underneath a building by the far-left bottom-side of the map. The vault cannot be destroyed through explosives, or any other tool from my knowledge. Within this vault is gold bullion worth $4,500 … Read more