Tales of Arise: Fishing Guide (Godly Angler Achievement)

Here you will find a complete guide to obtain all the fish and the Godly Angler achievement. Warning may contain some spoilers. Consider using Ctrl + F to make it easier to find the fish you’re missing, or going to Talka Pond’s Fishing Master.   Fishing Locations Calaglia – Cave of Solitude Cave Sea Bass ★ Amber … Read more

Tales of Arise: Character Eye and Hair Texture Replacement Tool

This is a texture injector tool that lets you use your own images (as regular DDS/jpg/png files) for the eye and hair textures for each of the following characters: Alphen/Dohalim/Kisara/Law/Rinwell/Shionne.   Pictures: Link: This is a repost of my mod originally on Nexus Mods: Link[www.nexusmods.com] To Install: After downloading the mod, open the folder and extract … Read more

Tales of Arise: All Ore Farming Locations

Here is a list of all the Ores found in each zone to help you collect all 500 items since rank 1-5 of each count as different items in your collection. PS. you might find ones not listed, but for the sake of finding all or farming a certain type this was faster and easier. … Read more

Tales of Arise: All Skits List (Updated 320/320)

An almost complete list of skits broken up into segments of thirteen, for ease of comparison against the Reminisce menu. Note: This list is created by MARS, Thanks to Vanitas for adding the last missing skit in the comment below.   Tales of Arise All Skits List (Updated 319/320) Updated: The last missing one is “Shionne’s Bottomless Stomach”. … Read more

Tales of Arise: DLC Exclusive Titles and Skills

A listing of the DLC exclusive titles and skills that come with the DLC costumes. Yes- the costumes come with exclusive skills and it’s as egregious as it sounds. Spoiler Alert!!!   Introduction As if the DLC practices of Arise weren’t bad enough, did you know that the costumes come with additional titles and thus … Read more

Tales of Arise: HUD Toggle Tool (How to Download & Install)

Toggles HUD elements on/off. Can customize to affect specific UI elements.   Link: This is a repost of my mod on originally on Nexus Mods: link here[www.nexusmods.com] Pictures: To Install: After downloading the mod, open the folder and extract the contents to Tales of Arise\Arise\Binaries\Win64 (where the .exe is). Once in-game, press the Insert key to … Read more

Tales of Arise: How to Set up the Character in Combat

Since I have seen a lot of people asking how to set up the character we will use in combat…   How to Setup the Character in Combat (Keyboard PC) Press ESC to open Menu Press E to Edit Party Select the character you want to use in combat Press F to confirm If the … Read more

Tales of Arise: How to Fix UltraWide Monitors

A guide for those who have UltraWide monitors.For a comfortable game without black stripes on the sides.   1.0 Program First, you need to download the program Universal Unreal Engine 4 Unlocker. Link [framedsc.github.io] to download the program. 1.1 How to Fix After downloading the program, launch the game and you will need to collapse it.Next, run … Read more

Tales of Arise: How to Fix Controller NOT Working

Here’s the current working solution for those that have issues with the game seemingly not recognizing their gamepad.   Currently known solutions Solution #1: Opt out of Steam Beta, select Steam Input and apply a controller preset. Follow from Step 1 to Step 5. I’ve personally tested this method and it was the only one … Read more