SuchArt!: New Achievements Guide (2022 October Update)

Easy, simple and obvious guide to getting the 2 new achievements   The Hangar This one is quite simple, you will get a mail from “Kayti Tark” which will promt you to accept their offer and add the Hangar to your studio. The Hangar can be accessed via the elevator once you leave your studio … Read more

SuchArt!: How to Reach the Ending Quickly

Here are tips I’ve picked up from going to all four ending achievements to reach maximum fame faster to pace up the process. Hope this can help!   Getting fame as fast as possible to reach the ending of Suchart! Hello! In this Guide I will share tips I’ve been using to make reaching the … Read more

SuchArt!: “Hiding in plain sight” Achievement Guide

This small and simple guide will help you quickly complete the “Hiding in plain sight” achievement”   First is located under the window next to the computer The second one is located behind the monitor The third one is under the shelf that is closest to the entrance The fourth is in a small room … Read more