Subnautica Below Zero: All Leviathan Class Lifeforms Guide

In this guide, i’ll be covering each leviathan in below zero, and i’ll be describing their stats, behaviour, etc…   Herbivores Here we’ll talk about the herbivorous leviathans. Glow Whale The Glow whale is a large filter-feeder that can be found in the Lilypads biome and the east arctic. It is not agressive towards the … Read more

Subnautica Below Zero: All Challenge Runs

This is a list of challenge runs for those looking for more things to do in Below Zero. Personally, I found Below Zero to be a lot easier than the original Subnautica. Neither was designed to be a challenging game, so here are some of my own challenges.   Easier challenges PETA’s Most Wanted Difficulty: … Read more

Subnautica Below Zero: All Farmable and Edible Plants

All Farmable and Edible Plants in Subnautica: Below Zero   Chinese Potato Plant Chinese Potato Plants are a non-native, terrestrial flora species. Chinese Potato can be harvested from it and can planted in an Indoor Grow Beds or Plant Pots. Chinese Potato can be eaten for water and nutrition, and is an effective food source … Read more