Submachine: Legacy – Walkthrough & Guide (Chapter 1-10)

This guide covers how to navigate through all the main game chapters 1-10, and the post-game content associated with them.   Guide Format Playthrough This subsection will guide you through the game, to collect items and navigate through areas. To make things flow easier, most of the guide will be text-based. However, in some areas … Read more

Submachine Legacy: Step-by-Step Guide for Shattered Quadrant

An efficient easy to follow step-by-step guide to beating Shattered Quadrant with as little jumping around as possible   Introduction First of all you MUST activate all the monoliths in the chapters. If you are missing one then you need to go back and find it. I won’t be telling you how or where to … Read more

Submachine: Legacy – All Monolith Locations (Where to Find)

All monolith location across all chapters; spoilers ahead!!!   Before you start In this guide I will show you the locations of the micro stabilizers and the monoliths I assume you’ve completed all chapters excluding the Shattered Quadrant Heavy spoilers ahead for those haven’t finished. Chapter 1 (I) After cranking all the levers, go back … Read more