Street Fighter 6: How to Create Overlay for Ultrawide Monitors

This guide will help you cover the black/gray bars on the side of the screen, if you have a Ultrawide Monitor since SF6 doesn’t support said aspect Ratio Also works on other games   So basically… If you happen to have an Ultrawide monitor, like me, you’d already noticed that SF6 and other fighting 2D Fighters … Read more

Street Fighter 6: New Drive System Guide

A guide to the new Drive system in SF6.   Intro Hi! I’m Sophie, I’ve been playing Street Fighter for most of my life. I used to be involved with running and streaming fighting game tournaments here in Ireland, including Celtic Throwdown which was a Capcom Pro Tour event. During my SFV streams[], I played a … Read more

Street Fighter 6: How to Switch to Classic Controls

For reducing salt consumption in anyone over the age of 30.   What’s the purpose of this guide? The UI of the game is trash and it’s easy to see why people are raging over being unable to change the controls to their preferred scheme. Most people wouldn’t think to look through the character select … Read more