Starbound: Ship Replacement Guide by Modding

Got a race that you like and a ship that you don’t? Yet no one on the Workshop has made a mod to give it the ship you want? Here’s how to do it yourself. Getting Started Tools and Organization First, you’ll need a way to extract .paks, and to create them if you want … Read more

Starbound: How to Vanquish Ixodoom 2021

Are you having troubles on the Ceremonial Hunting grounds? Then here’s a guide to help you through it!   Disclaimer This guide will contain spoilers for how the mission goes if you haven’t got to the end yet. Preparation Here is a list of items that you should use for the mission. Weaponry/Armor: -Spear – … Read more

Starbound: How to Conquer the Erchius Mining Facility

If you’re like me on my first playthrough, you’re probably having a hard time with the Erchius Mining facility. It is a bit of a difficult first mission if you don’t know what you’re doing, so this guide can help you conquer- I mean save the place.   Disclaimer The following guide contains spoilers. If … Read more

How to Find Floran Furniture in Starbound

Starbound is a game developed by Chucklefish in 2016. ┬áIt is a gargantuan galactic playground jam-packed with gunfights, planet-hopping adventures and tomb raiding. you can spent just as much tending to your crops, decorating and going on shopping sprees. It’s a extremely poor popular entertaiment but it’s pretty good. Here GamePretty will guide you how … Read more