Sprocket: How to Optimize Cannon Elevation Rate

Getting the most Elevation Rate out of your cannon.   Balancing the gun The in-game description is rather vague, so I thought to write a short guide to clear things up. It’s actually very simple. You just have to adjust the barrel until the blue bar (which represents the barrel’s center of mass offset) disappears, … Read more

Sprocket: Basic Engine and Transmission Design Tips

Basic tips to help players design engines and transmissions and avoid breakdowns This is not a guide to build fast or powerful tanks, rather to establish stable operating limits   Introduction It would appear as if there is a certain amount of confusion when interpreting the WW1 technology limits for Tank Design in game; namely … Read more

Sprocket: Alternate Cold War French Pack

Hello! I have come to bring you the Alternate Cold War-themed French tanks! Which as the title says are cold war-themed French tanks of course they’re early cold war so more styled like the AMX-50 rather than something like the AMX-40 or AMX-32. But I do plan to attempt to make a more modern stylized … Read more