SNK 40th Anniversary Collection: Fantasy Walkthrough

This guide a walkthrough for the SNK 40th Anniversary Collection version of Fantasy. This is a detailed guide covering the first loop of the game and whatever strategies are in there can be applied to further loops of the game.


An Overview of Fantasy

Fantasy was an arcade game released by SNK back in 1981. The game would see a US release manufactured by Rock-Ola. The object of the game is go through eight sequences of action to rescue your true love Sherry. The path to the objective is perilous though, but that’s while this guide is there.

For the purpose of this walkthrough, it covers the 1st loop of the game (subsequent loops run at faster clock speeds, making it more difficult) and it assumes you have the controls for the game on SNK 40th Anniversary Collection are at their default, which is DPad/Left thumbstick only.

Sequence #1–Balloon Raid on the Jolly Roger

This first sequence it pretty simple and it requires that you land your hot hair balloon onto the deck of the pirate ship. Just watch where the cannon is firing (cannon direction is random to start but goes into a fixed pattern) and land onto the spot specified in the screenshot of this section

Sequence #2–Skull and Crossbones

Another simple sequence, but it can get tricky at first. For starters, you have to kill all the pirates in the cabin to unlock the door that houses Sherry, but to do that, you have to learn some basics of swordplay.

Notice when you move to either the left of the right, a sword is unsheathed but when you are stationary or moving up or down, the sword goes back into it’s scabbard. With that info in mind, you should walk into the pirate from either the left or right to kill him, while holding that direction down. Any other position will get you killed in the process.

After awhile, the door to the hallway to the Captain’s quarters will opening, allowing you get in, but beware!! There is a cannon placed in the middle of the sequence that will fire three cannons if you try to cross. The key is to get as far away from the cannon as possible so you can cross it’s sights to relative safety.

After all of the pirates are killed (and you must hurry, as you do have a time limit in Power), get into the captain’s quarters to move onto the next sequence.

Sequence #3–Prehistoric Isle Zero

This next sequence has you back into your balloon searching for Sherry again. This time, the objective to traverse three thousand kilometers to find her.

You will notice two major animate obstacles–A pair of pterodactyls and a gorilla big enough to make King Kong jealous. Very swift and careful maneuvering is required to dodge the pterries, as their flight patterns go swooping down and gliding back up. As for the gorilla, just don’t go the full screen length to the right, as that’s where he will throw a coconut upwards.

A couple things to point out that every other gorilla will toss the coconut upward only for it fall down and hit him on the head, giving you a free 500 points, and if the RNG of the pterries are favorable, the gorilla’s coconuts will hit a pterry and cause it to drop, netting you a small 200 point bonus.

Sequence #4–The Pterodactyl’s Nest

Here’s a somewhat difficult sequence if you’re not prepared for it. The objective here is to climb up the trees to reach the pterodactyl’s nest, where Sherry is being kept.

The two major obstacles here are the squirrels that run from right to left on each branch and the baboon on the top of the trees who will inconveniently toss apples down you way to knock you out. They key to the squirrels is to look for a pattern to where they show up. If you know that the branch you’re about to climb up to is going to have a squirrel show up, stay down and wait for it to run it’s course.

As for the baboon, you want to make sure the coast is clear before climbing up the branch. If the apple is about fall on the trunk you need to climb to get to the next branch, move out of the way and let the apple fall down before proceeding. For the ladder to the top branch, make the baboon throw the apple, get to the ladder and then quickly climb up and move to the right to avoid getting bopped by a granny smith.

The sequence is cleared once you reach the nest.

Sequence # 5–Funky Tiger Town

Here we have the most memorable sequence of Fantasy, Funky Tiger Town. Note we dub this sequence that because of the questionable use of a copyrighted song (Lips Inc., please pick up your works at the nearest arcade. Thank you!)

The objective here is to walk two thousand kilometers to reach where Sherry is held captive. The two obstacles to watch out for are natives hiding in the trees waiting to jump onto you and the tiger that will walk across the screen from left to right.

The key to dodge the natives is to have enough screen real estate to the right to run across their paths. As for the tiger, simple evasive maneuvers are needed to escape it’s claws.

The sequence will finish once you walked your 2,000th kilometer.

Sequence #6–The Gods Must Be Crazy!!

This sixth sequence is surprisingly easy. The goal here to defeat all the natives holding Sherry captive.

Just like Sequence #2, you have to do some swordplay on them. After defeating the four Natives on-screen, three more natives will show up trying to stop you. Defeat them and the fire below the stake where Sherry is tied to will go out. From there, proceed to where the green arrows to clear it and move onto the next sequence

Sequence #7–Chopper Command

This next sequence is the toughest you’ll come across yet. It is a repeat of Sequence #3, with one major exception–Instead of gorillas and pterodactyls, it’s a bunch of helicopters from an unknown land trying to collide with your balloon.

The key here is to dodge the choppers as best to your ability. There will be some choppers that will move up and down as a way to throw your timing off. Don’t get discouraged by such patterns and make sure the coast is clear before dodging past them.

The sequence is clear once you traveled three thousand kilometers.

Sequence #8–The Final Showdown

This last sequence can be either pretty easy or pretty hard, depending on the variance of RNG. The goal here is to destroy all the helicopters on screen so you can open up the bridge and pick up Sherry. But how does one destroy helicopters if they do not have a fire button to begin with?

The answer to that is a large cannon the enemy has placed to shoot down the balloon. The key here is to get to the right side of the screen to draw the choppers and move across the cannon’s ironsights, with the idea that the cannon will inadvertantly shoot down the choppers.

Once all of the choppers are shot down (Not all are shown on screen at once and the reserve choppers will be shown where the power is at), the bridge will open up. Carefully lower the balloon into the hole and onto the ground to complete the sequence and the loop thereafter.

Written by Rej72380