Six Ages Ride Like the Wind: Guide to Nyalda Marriage Maker

A guide to the Nyalda Marriage Maker ritual, including how to succeed and what rewards you can get.   Introduction I think of Nyalda Marriage Maker as the most finicky ritual of the game—not necessarily the hardest, but perhaps the most complicated. Learning the Ritual You can start the game knowing this ritual if your first … Read more

Six Ages Ride Like the Wind: Guide to Gamari Horse Mother

A guide to succeeding at the Gamari Horse Mother ritual.   Introduction Gamari Horse Mother is one of the trickier rituals in the game. It’s also a solid way to power up a female warleader and can provide a really cool treasure! Here’s how to get those rewards, among others. The wiki article on this ritual[] offers … Read more

Six Ages Ride Like the Wind: Guide to Taming the River

In theory, Taming the River is an easy ritual. In practice it can be tricky, because unlike most other rituals, there isn’t a clear path through it based on a single skill. A successful river-tamer has to be good at more than one thing. here is a guide to the Taming the River ritual. Why Tame Rivers? … Read more