Siralim Ultimate: Dwarf Riddle Answer key 8.10

Dwarf Riddles can be annoying hit f3 and find everything you need to solve em with this hopefully. 8.10 update   Dwarf answers- God and realms Dwarf riddle Gods Blood Grove — Apocranox Frostbite Caverns — Azural Caustic Reactor — Venedon Titan’s Wound — Mortem Path of the Damned — Erebyss The Swamplands — Meraxis … Read more

Siralim Ultimate: How to Make a Build (Step-by-step Guide)

With a whole lot of new players filtering into the series starting with the biggest game yet, it can be daunting to figure out just what goes into a viable build. This guide aims to help alleviate that while also helping you walk through an entire build concept.   Foreword I’ve been playing this game … Read more

Siralim Ultimate: Creature Cards (Tips & Tricks)

This is a brief information on creature Cards with some tips & tricks. What it is? from the game Codex: Cards are extremely rare items that have a chance to drop from enemy creatures after battle. Each Card is part of a “Card Set“, and when you collect enough Cards in a Card Set, your … Read more